Flashback to our Romantic Holiday – Mauritius ♥

He wanted a peaceful , romantic place and I had a fantasy of my honeymoon trip on an unidentified Island! What could have been better than Mauritius . So, after thorough research and analysis of the Place , He booked us a 5 night and a 6 day trip for the soulful romance on the island of couples. 

After six hours of flight from Mumbai to Mauritius via Air-Mauritius airbus ,we landed on island on 18th Dec-2016. The flight was comfortable and heavily occupied by couples. We had booked our stay at Le Méridien Ile Maurice . So, we took a taxi at the airport and headed towards our Hotel. The fantasy I had for my honeymoon happened to be true! He surprised me with the booked suite which had its doors opened directly towards the sea – A warm welcome to Mauritius.

Travelling to faraway and almost uninhabited island to enjoy our romance was the sole reason for our Honeymoon.  The weather seemed to have shower its love on us! It had the breeze of calmness which was enough to steal our hearts forever. I fell in love with my mate again. 

The Sky shaking hands with the Sea- The diver finding his last piece of food for the day!
The Diving point – Perks of stay at Le Meridian
The path that leads you to happiness.
The swimming pool at the Hotel – Everything appeared as BLUE!

We experienced some of the Water sport activities like

  • Snorkeling, Deep water,Pedal boats , Glass bottom boat, Wind Surfing, Catamaran Cruises,Boat Excursions from Hotel to Northern Islands and Grand Baie.

You can explore the city by doing few sight seeing. The cab service was easily available either at your respective hotel or at the tours & travel shops. You can get the fine pieces of sculpture made by the local people at their stores and outstanding souvenirs for your loved ones.

Mauritians whose ancestors are from the Indian subcontinent are also known as Indo -Mauritians. The island is mostly occupied by Indians. Communication was easy . The water was costly at the Hotel – So to survive the 7 day trip, we got pack of bottles from a Super mart store. Indian food was easily available at any shop or mall.

Port Louis


We ended our trip by visiting Port Louis. The city unveils its wonders of beauty!


The island is perfect to explore in a week! People have different opinions to choose their Honeymoon destination. If you want one just to relax after the hectic schedule of  your marriage, after the Grand rituals of  Family and friends, to know your Partner the best way – Take him/her to this heavenly paradise – I am sure you can make  beautiful and mind blowing memories to carry over your entire life.

The beginning has to be the Best! ♣♣♣


Us ♥


Hope you enjoyed my Blog.

Happy Traveling 🙂


For any queries please email us at animagpt10@gmail.com


Author: Anima Gupta

Traveler , Fashionista ,Foodie.

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